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Cool Springs Counseling Associates
321 Billingsly Ct
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Franklin, TN 37067

Phone: 615-592-0870
Email: [email protected]

Secure portal for clients (only)
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Become a client

For further information about becoming a client or setting an appointment, please email your inquiry to:
[email protected] Please only include your name and initial contact information and a request for an initial phone interview to determine if counseling is right for you. Once that determination has been made, you can then click on the secure client portal link near the top of this page. Through this portal you will be able to complete all necessary forms to become a client and have access to a secure, encrypted email system to use for all future communications.

Talk With Me

Call 615-592-0870  for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if counseling services are right for you. 

Please leave only your name and contact information. Do not communicate any information that you consider sensitive or that you wish to keep confidential.  After an initial phone interview, new clients will then be able to use the secure portal below for completing necessary forms and for future secure/private communication.